Monday, June 16, 2008


Cher said...

hurry.... the suspense is killing me!

Devin, April, and Gavin Jolley said...

Yeah! I just found you on Cher's! Can't wait to see pick of you guys!!

Adrienne said...

Sooo... Jenny. Beside the fact that you really should update your blog
:) Sarah is moving at the end of the month... I haven't really seen her very much (I'm pregnant and haven't felt much like socializing), but I talked with her on Friday and it sounds like she's pretty busy until then. So, I don't know how feasible getting her away from her schedule will be, but I do recommend you at least go see her before she leaves and find out what she can do. I know she's usually home at night (after 8 it seems). Like I said, I haven't felt very motivated to socialize recently, so I apologize for not getting in touch sooner. (I can't find your email address, so this is the next best thing :) I hope we'll be able to all do something, but I also hope I haven't contacted you too late. umm, keep me updated on what you find out!


p.s. don't feel like you need to post this :)